Comparing Facebook, LinkedIn and Google PPC: Why Social PPC is best

Understanding the impact of social media

Comparing Facebook, LinkedIn and Google PPC: Why Social PPC is best

As you probably know, I am currently running a survey on Social Media usage, to help all marketers involved in social media (and my bet is there are about 80% of marketers out there who got asked to take care about social media, on top of all other marketing activities) understand what their peers are doing in terms of budgets and efforts, what has worked best and where to place their marketing dollars in 2012. It must be my research analyst background combined with my marketing experience.

If you haven’t had a chance to take this survey, please go here now. Results will be published on this blog. Updates and preliminary results are shared on my twitter feed.

While browsing for preliminary results, I noticed that among those who already participated into this survey, the most popular social media marketing paid campaign was on Facebook, and nobody has adopted any PPC campaign on LinkedIn, so far.

One of the reasons is surely the fact that almost all respondents operate in the B2C field and that Facebook has been the talk of the town across all industries and there is a perception that it is the “easiest way” to deploy cheap marketing campaigns.

Even more surprising is actually the fact that so far, while over 70% of respondents set up a Facebook fan page, only less than 30% ran a Facebook ad, and overall my respondents do not seem too happy about these strategies.

Are you using your paid campaigns right?

Here is a quick cheat sheet to help you set up you paid campaign on the two main Social Networks (Facebook and LinkedIn) and why you should prefer them over a generic search on Google. Also, another of my recent analysis about the UK market shows that having a campaign on Social Media has a good impact on search engines. You can check this UK case study here.

Best use of PPC campaign - Cheat Sheet by SocialNetConomy (Click to enlarge)

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