Understanding the impact of social media

How Do You Measure Your Social Media ROI?

Do you have a social media manager in your company? How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts? Do you ask for a social media ROI? I remember I read somewhere a marketing person answering the question “what’s the ROI of social media” with another question: “What’s the ROI of your phone?”…
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Has The Job Market War on Social Networks Started?

One of the most interesting changes in the business world that all of us have experienced recently, with the booming of social networks, it’s surely the job market. I had my first experience of how the job market was changing back in 1998 when I had my first job interview on a chat (it was…
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Is the US Economy impacted by Facebook fans?

Yesterday FED cut its forecasts for U.S. economic growth. It’s been just a few days after ComScore, echoed by Mashable, reported some figures about the time spent online in the US. A question came across my mind: is Facebook impacting the US Economy? Surely, Facebook is the last, more powerful B2C marketing resource of the…
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The importance of being Social.

Do we really need to measure how “social” we are? Can we trust those measuring our “Online Sociability”? It seems the more social we are on the web, the better for our pockets: from discounts to jobs, the social media score can help us in many ways. Two interesting articles have been published today around…
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High-Tech Meets Genuine Southern Italian food

I still remember that time when mobile phones suddenly became so popular that some companies used to give complimentary mobile phones to attract new buyers. How many times did you find commercials of furniture shops giving you a brand new LCD TV or a shiny iPad for your new living room? Surprisingly enough, it seems…
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